I am Ada

I can help your kids become creators.

Want to learn how to code? Switch me on and I’ll teach you how. Want to make cool things with motors, lights and sensors? I’ll show you how they work and help you bring your ideas to life.

What's in the Box?

Along with me, Ada, you get a manual for bedtime reading, an SD card to save your genius creations, a power adapter to fire me up, a mouse to control me, and some groovy electronic bits to make your first gadget - all the essentials you need to get started.

What Makes Me Tick?

I'm a box of megabits and software is my superpower! My software is unlike any other and is specifically designed to help beginners create and code.

There's no steep learning curve. Beginners can make some pretty cool stuff with me, and for the more advanced user, the sky's the limit! Just turn me on and get tinkering.

Look What We Can Do

All I need is a screen

Plug me into any monitor or TV and we’re ready to go. You can also display your game scores (or cheeky messages) on my small built-in LCD display.

Connect me to all your things...

I'm loaded with opportunities to connect with electronic gizmos that are lying around your house. Plug me into your musical instruments, gamepads or camera to make cool things, or use me to control your robots, Lego toys and more.

...or make your own things!

Ada includes a built-in microcontroller - a fancy piece of circuitry into which you can plug in lights, motors and sensors. I’ll teach you how to make traffic lights, lie detectors, light sensors, motion detectors and turn you into an electronics wizard.

Imagine. Create. Share.

When you're ready to show the world what you've made, a single click will upload your projects to the web. And if you find yourself needing some extra help along the way, our online community will be there to assist.

Just Add You.

Inventors, scientists, engineers, artists and musicians of tomorrow, work with me to unleash your creative potential. The future is digital and Ada will make your kids ready for it.

YOU imagine it, WE create it. Together, we can make so many awesome things.

Talk to Me

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Thanks for stopping by!

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